GT Data, Automata, Algebra, & Logic (DAAL) – GDR IM


The Data, Automata, Algebra, and Logic Working Group (GT DAAL) is one of the working groups of the GDR Informatics and Mathematics (GDR IM). The GDR IM is split into three clusters - Algorithms and combinatorics, Formal calculus, arithmetic and geometry and Logic and complexity - and the GT DAAL belongs to the third cluster.

Currently, the administrative responsibility of DAAL is jointly assumed by Nathanaël Fijalkow and Amélie Gheerbrant.

The DAAL working group follows on from the ALGA working group, which had been established in 2015, itself the successor to the GT Jeux which had been established in 2008: its scope is broader than the latter and includes some of the topics previously covered by the GT CMF.


DAAL is interested in the study of mathematical formalisms related to the following areas:

The applicative impact of our research lies in the foundations of program and database verification.

Missions and activities

The mission of DAAL is to create a synergy of its community with the aim of reinforcing the number of French sites with international recognition on its themes. In order to fulfil its mission, the activities are concretely articulated around the following points